The most popular questions that my clients ask are included below. If you can’t find the answer here, don’t hesitate to contact me:

The employee experience starts when a candidate submits their application. Ensure a streamlined and informative onboarding/role training takes place. Are the right people in the right roles [current and future recruitment]? Are 121’s held regularly, a structured performance review process takes place; alongside always ensuring that your business communication remains high. Employees only leave when they begin to feel disengaged with their role and the business. An engagement survey is always a useful tool and well-trained managers are invaluable.

Yes. All package options are flexible, can be tailored to suit budgets & can encompass site visits or online only aspects. There is no formal ratio for when HR is needed versus headcount. A consultant cuts out costs you’d spend if you hired internally, such as: Holiday Pay, Employers NI, Holiday Pay, Bonuses etc.

Any contractual documents, training records, performance reviews and initial application documents. All documents must be kept in a confidential and password protected drive/an online HR system, and access limited to HR in the main. Other members such as the CEO may be permitted access, however usually only if they are the data controller and there is a watertight business justification. An employee can request to see their employee file at any point during employment.

You will receive an engagement services letter and terms and conditions. All services are subject to all documents being signed before any work commences.

An HR audit examines your businesses policies, practices and procedures. The goal is to provide an objective review that includes an outcome report that summarises suggestions for improvement in-line with legal, compliance and regulatory guidance. I can also support you in creating a follow-up and customised plan for new or existing processes that have been identified as requiring a more streamlined, efficient and/or self-sufficient approach.

There is a 4-month notice period for all services [other than PAYG/SOS hourly needs], detailed further in the terms and conditions. Business can be volatile, and therefore I understand your need for flexible timescales that ensure you aren’t tied into a lengthy contract for 6-12 months.

Retained: Monthly standing order

Standard: 7 days 

Large projects [£5k+]: 50% upfront

  • Founded in Harpenden, Hertfordshire.  Services Herts, Beds & London/surrounding.
  • We have a consultant in Peterborough who services Buckinghamshire and surrounding.
  • We don’t limit to location so we have clients 40+ miles away from each location. Some make use of our online only package with one site visit per month.

We do not limit our services to location.

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