Pricing & Services

Hourly Options From £150


One-off, short-term needs & SOS

Meeting Attendance

For tricky employee issues, difficult conversations or where you just feel like you need some extra support

Monthly Packages From £180pm

‘The OO’ - Online Only

Call, Video & Email support on a rolling-basis. Any hours not used can be banked and carried forward


Prefer office presence? Face-to-face consultant time with you & your teams

Breakfast & Brainstorm

Online training sessions cover HR process & Policy, management training, performance, sickness and/or other topics your business may require or you feel would tie into your business plan

Pick ‘n’ Mix

Need a little bit of everything? Fill out the form and let’s have a chat


A one-off, future-proof cost that ensures you’re ready to go now and in times of business growth.

From £325  [one-off cost with payment plans available]

‘The BBB’ - Beginners Business Bundle

HR Overhaul

Overhaul verb :/ To revamp, revise or renew/modernise

No business wants nasty surprises.

Like an audit without the stress. Let us do a quick check of your current/in-use documents, policies & procedures to ensure you’re legal & compliant.

A low-cost service with no strings attached/no contract/a one-off service.

From £350

£350 [1-30 employees] £400 [31-50 employees] £450 [51-70 employees] £550 [71+ employees]

Flexible Add-ons

HR in a Jar

Ideal for businesses with up to 150 employees who require ongoing, monthly support

 *Priced individually to suit budget, timescales, priority and business size*

***Dependant on employee numbers

HR Management System - DEMO or SET-UP [or both]

Still storing paper files? Holiday requests lost? Using annual appraisal forms & not moved into the 21st century with your processes and software? 

We’re now a certified partner of Breathe [yippee] – Breathe is an automated HR management system which takes the stress out of employee administration, enabling people managers to focus on developing their teams. By using a HR management system you can reduce time spent on administrative tasks, including employee holidays; absence; development goals; objectives.

It only costs from £40 per month for up to 10 employees [subscription charge].


Perfect for short and long-term plans including reviewing internal processes, regular on-site project support and ad-hoc initiatives.

Some examples of previous projects are:

*Priced individually to suit budget, timescales, priority and business size.*