We only recommend businesses we have worked with personally. The below list are Elysian partners who are the very best in their sector/discipline

Accountants [the cool kind]

Strategic, Progressive & ALWAYS have advice tailored to ensure your business growth is a focus

Incentive/Teambuild Corporate 5* Experiences

Meetings - Incentives- conferences - events

We believe in connecting businesses by sharing energetic and memorable moments together - no matter the business objectives.

Coaching - Change Management/Customer Experience/Continuous Improvement

Breathe - HR Management System

Elysian is a Certified Partner of 'Breathe' and can set the system up for your company. Subscription fees start from only £15 pm. See Products and Services page.

Breathe is an automated HR management system which takes the stress out of employee administration, enabling people managers to focus on developing their teams. By using a HR management system you can reduce time spent on administrative tasks, including employee holidays; absence; development goals; objectives.

Growth, CRK Support, Marketing & Administration