Not-for-profit forms part of my HR background. Giving back is essential. It’s very easy to get caught up in your own business finances, budgets & life admin. We took a step back and looked at how we could add social & community value. This is what we came up with…

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We all need help from time to time. For any NFPs, have two hours of my time ON US to discuss by phone or video any team matters/people/employee relations/worries/current situations etc.

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It’s so important to give back

Elysian proudly supports….

Comfort Cases

We met Sarah at a networking event. Her vibe is infectious, passion for her charity utterly incredible & she is an all-round awesome human. We clicked instantly.

Comfort Cases UK are my chosen charity for support. This means any fundraising, follows, sharing of her charity online and F2F will all lead back to this INCREDIBLE cause.

We all know how traumatic and stressful moving house can be in a usual situation…. imagine that you are leaving for your own safety, away from your parents and friends –  coupled with moving in with strangers

How did Comfort Cases start?

Children being removed from their original homes sometimes have just 5 minutes to pack up their most treasured belongings and put them into a bin bag….. You heard right, a bin bag!

A bin bag is not a suitcase, and yet 80% of young people and children who move around foster care in the UK have reported moving their belongings in this way at least once on their care journey. That is if they have any belongings to take with them. 

At COMFORT CASES UK they believe that every child deserves dignity, value, hope and respect as well as being loved. The trauma a child faces from their home environment and that they will face during the years in care can be somewhat transformed by a show of kindness at a very difficult moment.

What is a comfort case?

Comfort Cases have created a solution-based option for local authorities and fostering agencies to gift the child their own special backpack filled with all the essential items that they might need for the first few days, while they settle into a new home:

  • New pyjamas
  • A cosy blanket
  • A teddy bear to cuddle
  • Their own personal care hygiene kit
  • An activity and a reading book
  • Rucksacks [sold with or without items separately]

The crazy part… A duffle bag is only £10…. A Rucksack only £50

All gifted in a spacious duffel bag which are sturdy enough to carry anything important that belongs to the child to stop it getting damaged, lost or stolen as they move home

This can transform the way this young person will remember their entry into care or moving from home to home 

I’m sure you have experienced how certain situations can be improved by the way we are made to feel when people are supportive and show they care. This is what CC ask communities to do so that children in care know that they are valued loved and worthy of being treated with dignity. 

Comfort Cases want to eliminate bin bags. They are not a suitcase and no child deserves to be treated like rubbish.

Supporting Comfort Cases is easy…

  • Follow them
  • Share
  • Like
  • Tell local businesses when you network
  • Know any charities that could do a collab?
  • Mums – which charities do your schools support?
  • Local fundraisers/summer fetes etc – Spread the word about Comfort Cases!
  • Businesses – Look at a new chosen charity

Comfort Cases UK is a charity registered in England & Wales, Registered charity number: 1196357 – Registered office: 23 Ribston Close, Shenley, WD7 9JW